Three Key Concepts that make Wertheim products superior


Real Cleaning Performance Is Determined By The Floor Tools


Dirt, allergens and pet hairs embed themselves deep into your carpets. The only way to really remove them all from deep down in the threads up to the surface of your carpets is to use a Powerbrush.

Wertheim Powerbrushes bring suction power right down to the base of your carpet where it is needed most. These brushes groom as well as cleans your carpet and with its rotating brushes it masages the dirt out of the threads. Wertheim Powerbrushes are so much lighter and more mobile than upright vacuum cleaners as well!

Top-end Wertheim models use VibraClean technology, which is designed for superior dirt removal, pile rejuvenation and dust removal. Wertheim floor tools are specifically designed to match the airflow of our cleaners, resulting in maximum dirt removal on all floor surfaces. The internal air paths are insulated to reduce the noise level and smooth to reduce the chance of blockages. 


Wertheim deep cleaning


Sealed & Multi-Layered HEPA Filtration Systems


Wertheim fuses superior technology and sleek design to create a cleaner and healthier home environment. The Wertheim range offers a solution to every cleaning need from shampooing floors to deep-cleaning carpets. 

The Wertheim Deep Clean range has been designed for maximum dirt removal from your carpet and helps to remove the asthma and allergy triggers from your home, making it healthier for the whole family.

Wertheim Germastadt™ vacuum bags are HEPA grade and made of a robust material, stronger and healthier to use than traditional paper bags. The top models in the range have bags fitted with an easy closing feature that allows for the hygienic disposal of a full bag.



Smart Technology To Make Vacuuming Easier


Wertheim products feature many first-class innovations which make life easier for the user. Some of these include

  • Dirt Finder Indicator - Allows the user to clearly identify when an area of carpet is effectively cleaned
  • Deep Cleaning Powerbrushes - Extract dirt and dust from deep within your carpets for a healthier home
  • Smart Maintenance - Wertheim vacuums are equipped with a thermal overload cut-out system to protect the motor should you continue to clean when the bag is full
  • Exceptional Hand Tools - Wertheim models come with powerful hand tools, designed to quickly clean upholstery with minimum effort



Wertheim products are built to last.