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Wertheim vacuum cleaners have always been synonymous with quality cleaning. Wertheim have always been pioneers in cleaning and have made their mark in two specific areas: Deep Cleaning Powerheads and quality filtration systems for vacuum cleaners. The first Wertheim models were the TB1200 and the CT1000 in 1988, which were the original European cleaning machines in the range. The TB1200 came with an optional Powerhead, and was a huge success with customers who loved the deep clean that it gave to their carpets.


Since then, Wertheim has embarked on a strategy of continual refinement of their deep-cleaning powerheads and released series after series of successful deep-cleaning machines. Today high-quality Wertheim cleaners can be found in many homes in Australia and New Zealand, where they continue to deliver exceptional cleaning power week after week. Wertheim are exclusive to Godfreys.