W4000 PowerClean Vacuum

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The Wertheim W4000 Power Clean vacuum is a deep-cleaning unit that would suit those customers who have allergies and/or pets in their home. Includes a strong 2100W motor and multiple attachments to ensure a total house clean.
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Wertheim W4000 Power Clean Vacuum Cleaner

Room By Room


The Wertheim W4000 is ideal for cleaning bedrooms, particularly those with carpeted surfaces. The powerhead is able to lift carpet fibres and vibrate the dust and dirt loose, including dust mites that tend to be present in large numbers in bedrooms. If you have children, you can rest easier at night knowing that the floor surfaces in their rooms are hygienically vacuumed every time with this powerful machine.

Dining Room

With an ergonomic handle, the W4000 is easy to manouevre no matter what floor head you are using. This handle has the powerhead control built into it, so you always have total control at your fingertips. You can guide the floorhead easily around tables, chairs and other furniture.

Living Room

This premium machine also includes a turbo hand tool, which is ideal for cleaning the furniture in your living room. It will swiftly remove pet hair and fluff, and is perfect for vacuuming Rover's favourite spot on the couch. It can also be used to clean pet hair off rugs and other surfaces in the living room.


Also included with this powerful vacuum is a Wertheim combination floor tool. This allows you to clean hard floors as well as carpeted surfaces, and gives you flexibility when cleaning areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. This floor tool is easily interchangeable with the powerhead, and you will also receive a crevice tool and dusting brush for additional cleaning purposes.
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