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  1. Wertheim Evolution Handstick Lifestyle

    Wertheim Evolution Handstick

    Keep your home spotless with the Wertheim Evolution Handstick.

    This Wertheim stick vacuum can clean your whole house in one go with up to 50 minutes of runtime. Its deep-cleaning powerhead effectively lifts dirt and dust from carpet, and the HEPA filter traps those dust particles in the vacuum – leaving the air healthier for you and your family.

    The Wertheim Evolution Handstick comes with a mini motorised pet brush for dog/cat hairs, an upholstery tool, an angle attachment for reaching awkward places, and a 3-in-1 cleaning tool. The charging stand conveniently stores the stick vacuum and its accessories while charging the batteries.

    Enjoy powerful and convenient cleaning with the Wertheim Evolution Handstick. Get yours today. .

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  2. Wertheim 7 Series Vacuum Cleaner

    The Wertheim 7 Series bagged vacuum cleaner is the ultimate in cleaning.

    Featuring Whirlwind Power Pulse technology in the power head, the all new Wertheim 7 Series will effectively clean your home by removing deeply embedded dust & dirt from your carpets.

    The high efficiency motor provides reliability and uses less energy without compromising performance or motor life.

    The 4-Stage Filtration System with Germastadt technology in the dust bag removes harmful asthma causing dust and allergens as well as neutralising odours for a cleaner and healthier home.

    The Digital Power Control allows you to easily change the suction power to suit different cleaning tasks with ease.

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    Wertheim 7 Series Vacuum
  3. Wertheim W2000 Dog & Cat Vacuum

    W2000 Dog and Cat Vacuum

    The Wertheim W2000 Dog and Cat has been been designed specifically for pet owners. This premium machine includes a Turbo Floor Tool to assist with the removal of pet hair from your floors. Read more below about how the W2000 and its wonderful features can give your home a complete clean. Learn More