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  1. Wertheim SE9500 Animal Pro Carpet Shampooer

    Wertheim SE9500 Animal Pro Carpet Shampooer

    The Wertheim SE9500 Animal Pro is a next-generation premium carpet shampooer, that has been designed specifically to clean homes that have pets. It is a powerful machine that will remove stains and dirt from all of your carpeted surfaces and upholstery, and has many innovative features such as edge-sweeping brushes for maximum cleaning coverage, air dry function to dry the floors after cleaning, and an additional Pet Stain Trapper Tool for effectively cleaning up after your furry friends.

    The SE9500 is a wonderful appliance to have in your home - it is easy to use, and will keep your house smelling fresh and clean all year around!

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  2. SE9000 Carpet Shampooer

    The SE9000 is a premium cleaning machine which contains many innovative features. Dual Dirtlifter brushes rotate smoothly to lift and wash carpet carefully, and the Dry Aire technology leaves your floors touch-dry when you are finished. Read more about the innovative features and how they can make your life easier below. Learn More
    Wertheim SE9000 Carpet Shampooer